DIY: Makeup Brush! How to Make a Makeup Brush.

This DIY (do it yourself) makeup brush tutorial shows how to make a makeup brush yourself. All you need for this DIY makeup brush tutorial is a pencil (a makeup brush handle), some kind of natural hair (makeup brush hair) and you can make yourself a beauty makeup brush entirely at home from scratch. In this DIY video I show how to build two makeup brushes: a blending brush and a flat brush. Blending brushes are essential to blend Eyeshadows well to create a perfect eye makeup, while flat brushes are used to pack (deposit) the color on the eyelid. Brushes are one of the main makeup tools in beauty industry, so this DIY beauty tutorial will surely come useful!

I also teach you how to use a makeup brush by showing you how to makeup at home.. With the use of a makeup brush, your eyes will get that perfect shape. In this DIY makeup brush video I also show how to use a makeup brush by creating a natural brown smokey eye makeup tutorial. Makeup brushes are an essential piece for DIY beauty enthusiasts and everyone who would like to know how to makeup at home, but it is really hard to get them in drugstores as they are known to be a professional tool for makeup artists (that was one of the main reasons that I decided to make this DIY makeup brush video). In my opinion however, every girl should own at least a blending brush in her makeup bag. The sponge applicators that normally come with eyeshadows are great for packing the colors on the lid of the eye, but if you don’t blend the edges of the eyeshadow the makeup won’t look good. Now you’ll be able to make entire makeup at home!

To show how my makeup brushes work and how to use a makeup brush, I created a natural well blended brown smokey eye using MAC makeup brushes (MAC blending brush 217, MAC flat shader brush 239) on my right eye. On my left eye I recreated the same natural soft brown smokey eye using makeup brushes that I created. To start with my natural brown smokey eye makeup tutorial, I first applied a corally-peach Sigma eyeshadow in the color Grasp. In the crease I blended a matte brown shadow. I also applied some brown shadow under the eyes for some more definition. To conclude the makeup tutorial, I also created winged cat eyeliner and applied some brown eyeliner on the waterline. This is how I achieved my natural romantic soft smokey eye look.

It is in fact very simple to create your own makeup brush. I bet almost all of us have all the necessities to make a good brush at home already. All you need to DIY makeup brush is a pencil that comes with eraser, natural hair, pliers, scissors and some glue that will keep your makeup brush from falling apart.

Makeup brushes are usually made out of two main makeup brush hair types: A natural hair and synthetic hair. Since natural hair makeup brushes are known as the best on the market so I decided to make a natural hair makeup brush. Natural hair is also much easier to get than synthetic makeup brushes hair. Natural makeup brushes are usually built of: badger hair, squirrel hair, squirrel mix or squirrel blends, pony hair, goat hair, kolinsky sable, weasel hair, red sable, sable, pahmi hair, bristle and also out of human hair. While synthetic makeup brushes are most commonly created out of Nylon and Taklon. Rather than disturbing beautiful animals for this DIY makeup brush video, I cut a bit of my boyfriend’s hair (he was willing to donate a bit of his hair for this DIY makeup brush video, since he was on his way to a hairdresser).

In this DIY beauty I use a natural hair to make the brush. Natural hair makeup brushes are known to better pick up the color and they also blend the eyeshadow better than the synthetic brushes. Natural hair bristles aren’t as smooth as synthetic bristles. Natural animal and human hair have the ridges on the hair cuticle and this makes them pick the powders easily. Synthetic bristles are completely smooth so powder has nothing to hold onto. With creamy products synthetic brushes work better as they don’t soak the product in like natural hair brushes can and they are also easier to wash.

Some of the best and most commonly used makeup brushes are: MAC makeup brushes, Bdellium makeup tools, Hakuhodo brushes (from Japan — expensive but known to be the best), Shu Uemura makeup brushes, Sigma (one of less expensive makeup brushes from the line, but they get the work done), Bare Minerals, etc.

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