Easy Prom Hairstyle | Half Updo Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, in this hair tutorial, I will show you how to create an easy prom hairstyle that’s perfect for medium to long hair. It’s a triple loop braid that looks like a faux hawk hairstyle. This half up, half down style works best on curly hair so I used the Infiniti Pro by Conair Secret Curl to give my straight hair some texture. You can add hair accessories and wear this look to any special occasion. Happy hairstyling!
I know a lot of you have been requesting updo hairstyles for prom this year and don’t worry, I’ll start making some this month. Stay tuned for more easy hairstyling videos. ^_^

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Giveaway closed! The winner is ***drumroll*** Gissell Anton!
Congratulations! To everyone else, thank you for participating in this giveaway. There will always be more so stay tuned and stop by tmr for another hair tutorial. 😀
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