Introducing our NEW Scalp Hair Fill-Ins ✨

It’s time to shed the stigma. Hair loss affects 50% of women, with the top of the head being the most noticeable and hardest to conceal. That’s why we created Scalp Fill-Ins – they were designed specifically for thinning or sparse hair at the roots, temples and on the crown to mimic hair growth.

Why we love Scalp Hair Fill-Ins:

☁️ 4 piece clip-in set for concealing and adding fullness along the part
☁️ Lightweight, breathable mesh bands that lay flat against the head for a discreet blend
☁️ Recommended for hair thinning at the top of the head
☁️ Best for mimicking hair growth at the scalp
☁️ Available in 12″ and 16″


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