Organic Makeup + Best Skin Care | 100 Pure w/ Thats Chic | The Fashion Statement w/ Amy Pham

Hello Platform Babes! We agreed on new year, new us and what better way to continue that resolution than by diving into the world of organic makeup and all natural skincare and grooming products. Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic is here to share with us some of the best natural makeup, 100 percent pure beauty products, and organic skin care! Don’t miss a video, subscribe to The Platform! ►
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On this episode of The Fashion Statement, Amy Pham is teaming up with beauty blogger, fashionista, and digital influencer Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic. Amy and Rachel are sharing and reviewing with you some of the best organic beauty products, all natural makeup, and one ingredient products and skincare. From all natural body was, unprocessed makeup, to organic lipstick these girls have the tips to dive head first into organic beauty. The beauty advice consensus here is it’s important to use healthy, paraben and sulfate free beauty products.

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♥ Go To Organic Skincare and Beauty Products By Rachel of That’s Chic ♥
Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap – Body Wash

Karma Natural Nail Polish Remover

Alba Botanics – Deodorant

Honest Co. – Hand Sanitizer Spray

100 Percent Pure – Coconut Hand Balm

100 Percent Pure – Eye Cream

Witch Hazel – Natural Astringent

Rose Hip Oil – Stretch Mark + Scar Ligtener

♥ Rachel’s Favorite Organic Makeup ♥
100 Percent Pure – Lipstick (in Poppy)

RMS – Living Luminizer

W3ll People – Loose Powder

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About Amy Pham:
Amy Pham is a an LA-based DJ, TV and internet presenter and model. Amy got her start with a pair of turntables at the age of 17, rocking dance floors from LA to New York and London with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Iggy Azalea and Will I am, to name a few. She quickly began booking multiple national TV and print campaigns for the likes of Nylon, Ford, Forever 21, Sony and more. Most recently, Amy was cast in The Socialyte Gala’s “Best Fashion Series” award-winning “The Fashion Statement” show on The Platform.

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