Running Late Ponytail Hairstyles | Hair Tutorial

Hey guys! In this hair tutorial, I will show you how to jazz up your everyday ponytail so that it doesn’t have to look boring every morning. These easy hairstyles are quick to do and they work great on medium to long hair– straight or curly! Thumbs up if you likey and let me know which look was your favorite in the comments below! ^_^

Hairstyle #1 – The French Twist Ponytail
This ponytail takes less than a minute to do and it somewhat resembles a french twist. Add hair accessories like rhinestones and flowers to dress it up for proms, weddings, and formals.

Hairstyle #2 – The Hidden Ponytail
I’ve seen many versions of this ponytail on instagram / pinterest and it’s so popular because it looks effortless but put together. This one is great for school and work when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning to spare. Well maybe you do but you prefer to sleep. 🙂

Hairstyle #3 – The Double Twist
This hairstyle almost looks like a regular gibson tuck with a ponytail but fold in the center is longer like a double french twist. Again, you can definitely dress this one up and I’ve done something similar using a different technique for prom. You can watch that tutorial here:

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