Water Marble Nail Art! How to Water Marble Your Nails Step by Step Tips for BEGINNERS!

In this water marble nail art tutorial I show how to water marble your nails. Water marble nail art is such an interesting nail art technique. This tutorial shows all about water marble nail art for beginners! It contains loads of tips and tricks on how to water marble your nails step by step. It’s perfect for both short and long nails! DIY Water marble nail art can be really easy and simple if you follow water marbling steps. After watching this water marble tutorial, I am sure you’ll realize that water marbling is in fact simple and easy and you will be able to do it yourself – amazing water marble nail designs like a pro.

Here are water marble nail art tricks and tips explained step by step. I have short nails but same should apply for long nails:
– Pick a cup instead of a bowl to make your water marble nail art easier. In a bowl the polish may spread too much and dry too quickly. Use filtered or distilled room temperature water when making water marble nails. Unfiltered contains minerals that can prevent polish from spreading on the surface. Sometimes tap water can work as well.
– Use clean water so the polish can spread! In my water marble tutorial I show a water marble fail when using dirty water. Drop the polish from just above the water surface.
– To get more opaque and brighter colors on your water marble nails touch the surface gently with the polish brush and the water will pull more color from the brush or drip two or three drops of the same polish in a row for more opaque water marble effect.
– Not all polishes work with water marbling. Test different polishes to see which nail polishes work with water marbling. Glitter polishes don’t work. They are too thick because of the glitter. If a polish is too sticky and thick, it won’t spread as it should, so you can’t get good water marble design from it. A nail polish thinner can help. Nail lacquers are supposed to work better than polishes. New polishes that haven’t thickened up yet are normally better than old ones when water marble your nails. Water marbling won’t work with base and top coats, fast drying polishes, crack polishes, satin and matte effect polishes.It is also important, which polishes you combine and in what order you’re dripping different colors when making the water marble design.

In this water marble nail art video I also show water marbling step by step tutorial:
– For successful water marbling, we need a cup with water, colored polishes, base coat, white polish, tape, toothpick or a needle, paper wipes, scissors, q-tips, nail polish remover, disposable work space like an old towel and a long stick. Protect your nails with a base coat and apply 2 coats of white polish for brighter colors. Tape fingers as close to your nails as possible. You can also use cuticle oil or vaseline when making water marble nail art.
– Before you start to water marble nails have all the tools close to you. You have to work very fast, otherwise the polish may dry. Drip the first drop of the polish in the center of the cup. With the next color aim in the center of the one before, and so on until you get a bull’s-eye. You can use more than 2 colors of polishes. This is more simple and easy and especially when doing water marble nail art for beginners.If you polishes are not spreading, shake the cup; it helps spreading the polish.
– When drawing water marble designs it is important to always start dragging the tool through polish from the safe zone in. To get a neat and sharp water marble design, wipe your pointy tool each time you drag through polish. In my step by step water marble nail art tutorial I show how to make flower water marble nails. This is a very easy water marble design, suitable for beginners.
– Keep finger at 45 degree angle when dipping it into water. This way you avoid air bubbles that may appear under the polish when you take your finger out. Leave your finger in the water for few seconds and blow on the polish. Then remove the polish from the surface.
– Bigger water drops can be soaked up carefully with a corner of a paper towel. Smaller drops should just dry on the air. Remove the tape around your water marble nail design and clean the polish from your finger with a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover. Apply a thick fast drying top coat and have beautiful water marble nails done!

I really hope these tips help fix problems or help you from scratch if you are a water marble nail art beginner. This water marble nail art for short nails works great for long too! If you follow steps in this tutorial you will notice that water marble nails are in fact simple and easy to achieve.

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